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The Dynamic Parenting Community supports parents to develop the skills and knowledge needed to raise neurodivergent children.

The 6 module online program walks you through the foundational understandings so you can support your child to thrive in their own unique way. With fortnightly zoom meetings to unpack the course content, you get supported every step of the way. You will develop your child Companion Folder which houses all of your child's essential information including the worksheets your complete throughout the course so others can understand your child as deeply as you do. We develop your child's goals and vision together so you are clear about the future you are creating with your child. 
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Parent Community

Get the support and guidance you need to raise your child who thinks, learns and grows differently

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Professional Development

Professional Development and training for all organizations and groups lead by experienced neurodivergent therapists

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Online And Phone Consults

Easily accessible support sessions that help you to problem solve and stay on track with your growth goals and relationships

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Supportive Community - know you are not alone and are connected to people that truly care

Everything we do is about building strong bonds with your child so you can mentor them through life's challenges.  

Can't wait to see you there!

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We embrace a collaborative, relationship approach in every aspect

Kate Donohue

BECE, Fellows DIR Floortime

Neurodiversity Parenting & Educational Consultant

Kate supports families to understand their child's individual needs and how to manage the day to day life while raising kids who think and learn differently. Most importantly Kate helps families to develop stronger connections with each other and deeper relationships.

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"Parents who have children with special needs-also have special needs. They need to know more then the average parent. They need to do more then the average parent. They need more patience then the average parent...and so much more"

-S Zajicek



Vera, mum of two boys with extra needs

"I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday. Your reflecting back to me of the things I'm doing as valid and appropriate ways of approaching my child's therapies and the help we have in place is so very much appreciated."

"Your advice for me personally was in short, pretty revolutionary, and you've given me both food for thought and the impetus to make some important changes. In short, I think you're pretty rad! 😀"

Cat, parent of 10 year old boy, ASD & Gifted

"I don't like many people, but your OK, I will let you come back

BB, 14 year old, ASD

"He gets so excited about your visits he asks everyday if today is the day you are coming!"

Suzanne, mum of 6 year old boy

"you just seem to weave so much richness into everyday tasks with MIss 13. It's magic how you can follow her lead and embed so much learning without her knowing"

Parent of 13 year old girl, Gifted, ASD & PDA

"What is your job? You're not like other therapists, this is fun"

Boy 8, Gifted & ASD

We actively employ neurodivergent people
We embrace neurodiversity

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We at Dynamic Parenting acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country. We recognise the Traditional Owners' continuing connection to land, waters and culture and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. As minority groups together we stand strong and stand together.

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